Accept payments and process the information in every direction of your business.
24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Simple and reliable device for receiving payments, which is suitable for small retail stores.


Unique solution for largest retail chains. Increases the number of customers up to 4-7%.


For all types of retail chains, more than dozens of relevant services, hundreds of new customers.


Software solutions for accepting payments are based on cash register systems. Your cash register can much more


Software for mobile communications distributors, travel agencies and currency exchange offices. Additional services to the core business.


If your business is based on acceptance of payments. Modern technologies on the level of international quality standards.

For service providers

Hundreds of new payment locations for your clients.

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  • Stores, Shopping Centers, Gas Stations – Your retail agents will accept payments every day including holidays and weekends.
  • Once the retail agents process the payment, we will transfer the funds to your account immediately.
  • Now paying for service and products of your company as easy as to shop in retail stores.

For potential partners

Want to develop a payment acceptance business in your country? Join an international team RUNPAY.

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  • Innovative solutions
  • Smart investments
  • High profitableness

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