Thousands of payment solutions all over the world are running under the control of RunPay Processing. Modern technologies on the level of international quality standards.

  • Runpay Germany Gmbh
    65195 Wiesbaden
  • Phone: +49611 97440522
    Fax: +49611 97440523
  • Registry court:
    Amtsgericht Wiesbaden
    Registration number: HRB27653
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About the company

Since 2008, Digital Retail company successfully creates and develops payment acceptance technologies. Every day we receive thousands of payments in favor of the hundreds suppliers in Baltic region. Our clients pay the bills for utilities, electricity and gas. Replenish the bank accounts and prepaid cards for mobile phones, make leasing payments, pay for taxes and fines and much more. We create innovations, which really work and attract clients to the partner's stores.

Andrey Klyashtornyy

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