Software for mobile communications distributors, travel agencies and currency exchange offices. Additional services to the core business.

  • Additional income through commissions
  • More customers

About Click

Runpay Click- software for PC, which allows you organize Point of payment acceptance.

Dozens of new services for Your customers- bill payments for utilities, electricity and gas, taxes and fines, prepaid cards for mobile phones, money transfer to bank accounts, leasing payments, credit payments and much more. It is quite enough to client once again came to your office just to pay the utility bill.


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How it works

Easy start

Sign a contract with a RunPay representative in your region, refill your account by bank transfer. After receiving guarantee sum, you will receive username and password to login in system. In the corresponding window will specify the current balance under which is possible to accept payments.

You can start your work.

By requisites

Client can replenish the balance of his phone simply by telling the cashier operator and phone number. A few seconds after cashier enters details and gets the money, he will give to client a receipt and payment will be processed.

Replenishment code

Client tells provider and payment rate. Using the list of providers, which is loaded into the Click software, cashier selects the nominal value, receives from the client money and prints receipt with replenishment codes.