Software solutions for accepting payments are based on automated cash register systems.

  • Additional income through commissions
  • High conversion
  • More receipts
  • More customers

About Kassa

Turnover of the store largely depends on how many people each day come to the store. Accepting payments in favor of various services providers makes the store more attractive for potential clients, increases the loyalty and saves clients personal time. Person who came to the store to pay for utilities, internet or any other services often makes at the same time some basic purchases, increasing the turnover of the store.

Many years of experience in payment acceptance shows, that payment service through cash register increases the turnover of the store up to 10%-12%, depending on its profile and qualified personnel. In addition, for the payments acceptance store gets a commission, which with proper organization of process makes very substantial amount. Kassa service is ideal for retail chains with automated cash register systems.


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How it works

Replenishment code

Client tells to cashier provider and payment rate. Using the list of providers, which is loaded into the appropriate section of the cash register, cashier selects the nominal value, receives from the client money and prints fiscal check with replenishment codes.


If on the receipt is a barcode, it is enough for the cashier just to scan it and payment details will be transferred to cash register automatically. After receiving the money, cashier prints receipt and funds will be credited to the supplier.

By requisites

Client can replenish the balance of his phone simply by Telling the cashier operator and phone number. A few seconds after cashier enters details and gets the money, he will give to customer a receipt and payment will be processed.