Unique solution for largest retail chains. Increases the number of customers up to 4-7%.

  • Increase of income
  • More customers
  • Satisfied staff
  • Customer loyalty

About Midi

Unique solution for largest retail chains. For those who need and expect service speed in cash desk and additional services. Self-service terminal, placed in a trading hall and connected with the cash register system. Device capabilities:

  • • Increase income
  • • Attract new customers
  • • Growth and performance of trade turnover
  • • Reduce the staff burden
  • • Increase customer loyalty
  • • Allows to raise the range of goods, without any logistics


Total photos: 1 pcs.

How it works

Using the terminal, client selects the service and enters the details of payment

Receives receipt with a bar code, to pay at the cash register

The cashier scans receipt barcode and client pays for the service as for usual purchase

Unique services in one package

Simple payments

No queue at the cash desk. Client receives receipt already in a trading hall

Price checker 2.0

Client can see not only prices of products, but also he can read reviews from other customers


Show your products for order and with delivery, or printable coupons

Personal cabinet

The user can use
bonuses and participate
in various actions

Store navigator



Payment templates

Implementation of Midi requires integration with cash register system and this process may take 2-3 months. Contact the manager in your region and get more information about cash register systems which are supported by our company.