If your business is based on acceptance of payments. Modern technologies on the level of international quality standards.

Modern payment acceptance solutions

Processing 24 X 7 X 365

A wide variety of service providers in different countries: bill payments for utilities, electricity and gas, taxes and fines, prepaid cards for mobile phones, money transfer to bank accounts, leasing payments, credit payments and much more.
  • • Online and Offline payment acceptance
  • • Setting of differentiated commissions by suppliers-upper / lower, by date or time limit
  • • Convenient registers and reports
  • • Fiscal module for the server part (in case of need)

Personal cabinet

Remote control and monitoring.
Full report of accepted payments by sale points, suppliers, days and etc.
  • • Automatic report generation and sending according to schedule
  • • Warning system with the possibility of sending sms or e-mails
  • • Cash collection menu

Productivity and safety

High system productivity – more than 1000 requests per second, ensured by the cluster of web servers and hardware load balancer Barracuda CheckPoint. The system is protected by corporate firewall Checkpoint by principle “All that is not permitted is forbidden”, IDS/IPS Checkpoint signatures which are automatically updated on the services Checkpoint Security. Servers of processing are protected Web Application Firewall, which is responsible for detecting and blocking Web attacks (XSS, Sql Injection and etc.). The whole system is connected to monitoring system Zabbix with early warning of responsible persons, including sms notification. Access to payment services is realized only via secure https protocols with allowed IP addresses and subnets. Authorization is based on the client certificate x.509, and as well digital signature within a query.

High-performance data center

Thousands of payment solutions all over the world are running under the control of RunPay Processing. Modern technologies on the level of international quality standards.

Our services are available to our partners 24 hours per day. That's why we built the high level data center. Data center on the EU territory is built by the certification requirements Tier III level.

The Internet: VRRP + BGP, stacking and clustering of switches and firewalls inner and outer perimeters

Fault tolerance: VMWare High Availability, Database failover clustering

Data center has 3 high throughput Internet lines

All services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Redundancy of all engineering systems

Triple redundancy for power supply

To connect to the System, should be signed an agreement about the provision of services, refill an agencys account and realize interaction protocol.