Advantageous offer for providers

  • Online reports for the Financial Department
  • Walking distance
  • Online transfer on account
  • Wide geography of payment acceptance

For service suppliers

RUNPAY partners- mobile operators, TV, ISP suppliers, banks and insurance companies, game developers and many other companies to whom it is important to get closer to their subscribers, giving them the flexibility to pay bills anywhere and any time. RUNPAY allows millions of people make payments with maximum of comfort, and saving their time.

Hundreds and thousands of RUNPAY payment points works in grocery stores,shopping centers, petrol stations. Connect, and already tomorrow your customers will be able to pay for your company's services with everyday basic purchases.

How it works

Stores, shopping centers, petrol stations- your agents for accepting payments.

Funds are instantly credited to the clients account, after the payment in agent's cash desk.

Now making a bill payment is as simple as making purchase in your store!

Terminal chain Mini and Maxi